Quincy Jones: “the Beatles were the worst musicians in the world”

9e79490fda0d9fbe8dca33b8fe72b739 - Quincy Jones: "the Beatles were the worst musicians in the world"

The famous American music producer Quincy Jones (now 84 years old) in an interview with Vulture a number of extremely noteworthy statements made. So he pointed the legendary band The Beatles as “the worst musicians in the world”.

A lot of Beatles fans will heartbreak get to read the conscious interview. Jones described it during the call, the first impressions he had during the early days of the legendary British pop band from Liverpool. The producer wanted the heavy words: the foursome consisted, according to him, “no-playing motherfuckers”.

No one less than Paul McCartney was “the worst bass player ever seen” and “Ringo Starr… about him I will not even talk”, the reading on the website Vulture.

The Beatles were not the only musicians who the hard got. So accused Jones also pop star Michael Jackson of plagiarism. Yet it was not all negative. The Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans was in his turn is mentioned as being “one of the greatest cellists who ever lived”.

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