Producer Kill Bill about car accident Thurman: ’There was no conspiracy’

6075b8a8bfef4f681fd90c722d624b82 - Producer Kill Bill about car accident Thurman: ’There was no conspiracy’

Lawrence Bender, the producer of the Kill Bill movies, has publicly apologized to Uma Thurman, after they came forth about the car accident that she got on the set of Kill Bill.

Thurman found “the indescribable that is the incident then in the cover up has to stop.” Bender shows, through an official statement to know the very to find that Uma this pain through the years has had to endure, both physically and psychologically’. The producer continues: “The safety of the people with whom I work, has my highest priority. I’ve never kept anything for Uma, just as I have done to a plot to this accident keep still. Something I would never do that.”

“I heard a few months ago how Uma against this incident looked at and during the time that I have done everything to ensure as much as possible to gather information about what has happened. I have also seen this with Quentin Tarantino shared, because I wanted to make sure that they have all the answers received and then they are already so long looking.” Bender ended with the words: “I have great respect for Uma Thurman, as an actress and as a person, and I wish her nothing but the best.”

Power losses

Uma revealed last week in the New York Times the story behind the crash. Tarantino pulled her over to the it self-control in spite of that they have doubts about. Uma lost control of the vehicle and collided against a tree. In the video shows that after the accident slap behind the wheel depends. The actress walked damage to her neck and knees, and still suffer from the consequences.

The film of the discredited Harvey Weinstein refused for years images free, because they were afraid of being sued. “I love Lawrence Bender, E. Bennett Walsh and the infamous Harvey Weinstein as the only responsible”, says Uma. “They lied, destroyed evidence and continued to lie about the damage they had me done and chose to do the under the cap to keep.”

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