Prisoner re-flown by toiletpapierpop

29d0f50790410ecd8d01097f19ef183a - Prisoner re-flown by toiletpapierpop

BERLIN – Re-an inmate escaped from a prison in Berlin. This time put the punishment of the agile staff on the wrong foot by toilet paper, clothes, cloths, and a hat for a doll to make so that it seemed like he was lying in bed. It is the tenth inmate in six weeks that a facility is Berlin manages to escape.

At the last escape explained to the man the self-made doll in his bed during a luchtuur.

The guards told him then and just during their round because it seemed like he was back in the cell. The 24-year-old Libiër had then the time to be on unknown way to leave the prison. It is being investigated if he is a truck day.

Probably he was Wednesday already flown but his absence was Thursday, is discovered. He sat under another four years for extortion and had to september 2022 have to sit down.

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