Prison sentence for ex-prime minister Bangladesh

e6bb0eb851054d4f889488770a81d050 - Prison sentence for ex-prime minister Bangladesh

DHAKA – A court in Bangladesh opposition leader Khaleda Zia sentenced to five years in prison. They would as prime minister with her son, and employees converted approximately 200,000 euros have been embezzled, money that was intended for a charitable institution.

The judge said taking into account the “health and social status” of the 72-year-old politician. Her son Tarique Rahman, vice-president of opposition party BNP, and four other suspects have been sentenced to terms of imprisonment of ten years.

Zia is a political opponent of prime minister Hasina. A high BNP official has called the lawsuit “an attempt to get a rival off.” Supporters of the opposition clashed in the capital, Dhaka, already for the statement with the police. Agents used tear gas to demonstrators to disperse.

Minister Asaduzzaman Khan (Home Affairs) made after the court announced that Zia is transferred to a prison. According to the lawyers of the former prime minister she goes to a higher court. That she may, according to the lawyers, probably in freedom to wait and see.

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