Pommeline trades the old-Temptation Merijn for current seducer Fabrizio

d64192c66cfe325e563a4fdef632dc5e - Pommeline trades the old-Temptation Merijn for current seducer Fabrizio

Pommeline and Merijn announced their break-up via Instagram. “There are things happening,” sounded the mysterious. In a previous edition of Temptation Island knew Pommeline Merijn to eating from Lisa. But what exactly is the problem? The plastic surgeon of Pommeline seems to be there to know more about it.

On the YouTube vlog of Diane Gabriels, the plastic surgeon, the one and the other clear. Pommeline is in love with another. And not just the first one the best. The lucky one is none other than boss Fabriozio of the tattoo parlor where Pommeline works. And… Fabrizio is doing this year to Temptation Island as a seducer. The circle is round.

The vlog of gabriel’s first was a lot longer but was afterwards apparently shortened. So was the piece in which she talks about what happened to Jonathan has happened, is disposed so there is a lot of confusion arose with the fans. But fortunately the plastic surgeon with the redemption. “Pommeline me, indeed, told that they fall in love, and it’s true that the vlog is adjusted. The fragments wish she would be removed,” says Gabriels. After some hesitation, responds to gabriel’s also the question of whether Pommeline cases for seducer Fabrizio. “Yes, it is indeed to Fabrizio”, to confirm them to The latest News.

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