Police in Toronto seem more like after arrest gardener (66)

2b5f3a289b93e80c7a141be18e6c50a7 - Police in Toronto seem more like after arrest gardener (66)

TORONTO – police in Toronto has in the investigation of a suspected serial killer now remains have been found of six persons. A 66-year-old gardener, was last month arrested in connection with the disappearance of five people. Among them, Andrew Kinsman, the owner of a house where the suspect is the garden maintained in exchange for the privilege of storing his tools and lawn mower in the garage.

Police inspector Hank Idsinga said Thursday in the newspaper The Star that one of the victims was identified as a Kinsman. The investigation found around his home, the body parts hidden in planters. They were of three different people. Now the counter is on (pieces of) six seem. There is not only gespit in flowerpots, but also in the garden itself.

According to Idsinga is investigating the killer with the green fingers not yet been completed. The focus now turns to a thirty parcels of land elsewhere in the city where the arrested landscaper has been up to. Also, it is verified whether he can be associated with other missing persons than these six.

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