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Peter Callant is the new boss of KV Oostende and take “weireldploegsje” about Marc Coucke

ce2fa30063ecc4efaa51fbefe42f0c81 - Peter Callant is the new boss of KV Oostende and take “weireldploegsje” about Marc Coucke

Peter Callant is the new chairman and owner of KV Oostende, that was at 14h30 officially announced at a well-attended press conference. The 51-year-old insurance broker and financial advisor is an ex-sponsor, and so a man from the first minute. After stroeve/discrete negotiations, he takes for 30 million euros, the “weireldploegsje” from president/owner Marc Coucke, from 1 march to Anderlecht draws. This brings to an end a period of uncertainty and speculation in the kustploeg, who was born when, in december, the purple-and-white plan of Coucke became known.

LIVESTREAM. You can follow the press conference about the sale of KV Oostende!

Callant Insurances and Financial Advice was, in football if one of the partners at Cercle Brugge. Peter Callant and Marc Coucke also have a common past with the cycling team Lotto-Omega Pharma, where Callant on the jerseys adorned.

On February 24 during the game against STVV follows the transfer of power.

Coucke: “Continuity and peace”

There is a ten-year sponsor at KVO and convinced Coucke during the negotiations with a text: “I am the man for KV Oostende”.

“There was a lot of interest from home and abroad, but I am happy with the outcome. Financially it was a foreign club perhaps more interesting, but a Belgian provides continuity and peace in Belgian football,” says Coucke. “He has a heart for sports, likes football and has a heart for KVO. He was here in 1993 in the board and is very ambitious. He takes between 60-80 % of the shares. I am very proud of the past five years, but will still only supporter to remain. Hopefully the KVO fans many beautiful moments with Peter.”

Callant: “Proud, proud and grateful”

“I am proud, proud and grateful for Marc Coucke,” said the new president, who himself is introduced with a powerpoint presentation. “I am a child of the region – of Knokke and have a heart for sports.”

End of uncertainty

There emerged the past few weeks a lot of names and stories on to KV Oostende. March 1, came to be increasingly closer, and by then it had completed the acquisition, for Marc Coucke could next to Anderlecht is no second football team under his wing. The name of Manchester City appeared on the coast, and the English club was a serious option for 51 percent of the shares, but that deal did not work out.

The file ended up the past few days in a rapid. Wednesday made Coucke itself is already known that the case heard was: “Deal”, he continued, when on the eve of the Gala of the Golden Shoe on Twitter, followed by three hearts in the colors of KVO (green-red-yellow).

Also in Anderlecht sounded a sigh of relief. Now UNTIL a new owner can Coucke carefree, president of RSCA. Otherwise even the license of purple-white in danger.

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