Oprah speaks again about a political career

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Bad news for the people who were hoping that Oprah Winfrey, a throw would do to the U.s. presidency in 2020.

During the recording of her podcast Super Soul Conversations, said the media personality to her guest, Lin-Manuel Miranda that they have no intention to be the president. Miranda, a well-known American writer and composer, said in their conversation that he was a possible career in politics is not totally gloom. To which Oprah replied: “I also not.”

Previously told Oprah in an interview with the magazine InStyle that she ” simply does not have the DNA to do this job.’ To the disappointment of many, that after the impressive speech of the mediamagnaat at the Golden Globes in her the ideal candidate saw to it to take on Donald Trump in the next election.

Although her life partner, Stedman Graham still thought that best would be, if they get enough support of the people could count, took Oprah that hope away by saying: “It’s just not something that interests me.”

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