Njam! treats: win a party package full of Italian delicacies from Peppe Giacomazza

Njam! sitting recently in the offer of Proximus TV, and to celebrate, we organize a couple of fun competitions. This week we make somebody happy with a package full of delicacies of chef Peppe Giacomazza, which conjures up with the Italian kitchen in restaurant La Botte.

Foodies may find themselves in the hands of rubbing, because since recently, the culinary channel njam! in the basic offer of Proximus TV. Great news, and not only because you can now enjoy all the cooking programs and recipes of the transmitter. We organize also regular fun competitions, and this is certainly ideal for lovers of Italian delicacies.

We may one lucky winner happy with a party package full of Italian delicacies, prepared by the Sicilian chef Peppe Giacomazza of restaurant La Botte and Peppe’s. Answer the wedstrijdvragen and take a chance!


Peppe Giacomazza:

“Every day I play a Champions League final because I can not bear that a customer is dissatisfied.”

Do you want to get started with the delicacies from the package of Peppe? Join our competition and who knows you’ll get soon a culinary party package delivery to your door!

Good luck!

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