Nicole Eggert: ’I had suicidal thoughts after abuse’

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Nicole Eggert has in an interview with Entertainment Tonight said that they have suicidal thoughts when she was fifteen and Baio would have her abused. People Magazine brings the story on the basis of a number of sources.

“I had during those days, moments that I hurt so felt and so frustrated. And I even had thoughts about ending my life,” says Nicole Eggert in the interview. “I was standing on the bridge over the Los Angeles River. I looked down at a dry river bed and I cried and cried. And I said to myself that the bridge is not good enough, that I would not really die, that I only hope bones would break and that I really don’t have a end to my own life would make. Go home.”

It is a day after Eggert on Twitter let us know that they finally have done what they previously never dared: to the police with the accusation of sexual abuse against Scott Baio, her former colleague from the series Charles in Charge. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom tells The Hollywood Reporter that Nicole is a one hour long all their questions answered and her story has done. Alexander Polinsky, who also have a role in the sitcom played, acted as a witness, and described what he saw happen between the two as ’inappropriate touching’.

According to Eggerts manager David Weintraub felt the actress is hopeful after the meeting with the police. “It turns out that the police have a lot of active research into this high-profile older cases. It is a difficult time for Nicole, because her credibility was questioned. The testimony of Alexander Polinsky was a groundbreaking moment.”

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