Nicole Eggert accuses Scott Baio again

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The actor continues to deny.

Actress Nicole Eggert has Scott Baio, with whom she was in Charles in Charge, accused her bother after she claimed that he had attacked.

The now 46-year-old Eggert accused the actor of it its abused to have between her fourteenth and seventeenth. That happened in the period that they work together on the series worked. Charles in Charge ran from 1984 to 1990.

Previously claimed that the pair a short romance had after the series was over, which Eggert her virginity to Baio lost, but last month and in subsequent tv interviews, well-known to the actress that she was only seventeen when she put together the bed they shared.

While the allegations, in all its intensity denied, and stressed that they are eighteen years of age – the legal age in California to have sex – by the time the show came to an end.

Nicole has now lodged a complaint against Baio. That was done on his insistence. Now claims to be the actress that she is harassing phone calls from him has been received. “He has me at least ten times to call”, she told The Talk. “He says nothing, he stays completely silent, I now take no more because I’m not sure what he wants.”

Eggert explains that they Baio has forgiven for what he would have her done when she is a minor, but she wants him to admit what he has done. The actress wants sorry of hear him.

Baio has yet to comment on the new allegations.

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