Nick Carter has now officially sued

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Melissa Schuman, the woman who is Backstreet Boy Nick Carter in november in a personal blog post blamed her being raped, now has an official complaint against the singer submitted. The police of Santa Monica confirms this.

Schuman showed via Twitter know that she finally does what she never thought had to do more.’ She thanks the organization RAINN, an American national organization of victims of sexual abuse to assist her there has helped the step to the police.

Melissa and Nick were in 2002 by her former manager linked to each other, to talk about a possible collaboration’. The woman had at the time was a boyfriend, but agreed to an appointment. Nick invited her and a friend off at his home in Santa Monica, to ’a nice evening’.

According to Melissa, was the apartment is anything but cosy and there were hardly any furniture inside. They drank a lot and Nick asked her when in his office, to what music to listen that he had made. The two began to kiss, which he her pants down and began to pull. “I said that I wanted to go, but he did not listen,” says Melissa. “Then he forced me to oral sex, after he also had to me done. I was afraid, and he cannot tolerate any contradiction.”

Career damage

Melissa said that she herself ” wanted to keep it for her future husband’, to which Nick replied: ’I can be your husband.” According to Schuman, that was the time when he raped her. The woman says her manager informed about the incident, but told her that Carter’s legal team was too strong to have something to argue with. It would also be her career harm as they go out would take with her story.

Nick has, until now, all the allegations denied, and is baffled about Melissa’s experience of the conscious night. According to him, their union with mutual approval, all the more so because they are in the period that followed is still a song together and together acted. Several American media have now asked for a response from ” camp Carter, but to date without success.

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