Nahles is counting on the ” yes ” of the SPD-supporters

e69395ef73dd872335d282238ab05563 - Nahles is counting on the " yes " of the SPD-supporters

BERLIN – The designated SPD chair Andrea Nahles trusts that the members agree with the coalition that the social democrats have closed with the christian democrats of chancellor Angela Merkel. It certainly will not be without debate, but she is firmly convinced that a majority of the more than 460.000 members ’yes,’ said the coalition. They spoke that trust Wednesday evening in the ZDF-program ” What now, ms. Nahles?’

The 47-year-old successor to Martin Schulz, who partijgenoot Sigmar Gabriel wants to redeem as minister of Foreign Affairs, said that under the agreement with the CDU/CSU a SPD-signature. “And really thick also.”

She promised with Schulz through the country to go touring to the party members to explain why it is such a good result, even though the SPD in respect of the refugee policy a spring. Also, she wants to explain why is it for government is selected in spite of the elections..

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