MNM will lose listeners but Fleming remains of radio keep

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The Fleming continues to keep radio. This is evident from the figures of the Centre for Information about Media (CiM). The VRT naval cipher areas to do well. Radio 1 gets a good market share of 8 per cent, Radio 2 remains by far the largest with more than 30 percent, MNM gets 9 percent and reached the most young people between 12 and 24 years of age, Klara, Studio Brussel and remaining stable at, respectively, 2.2 and 12.4 percent. Radio remains more than ever the daily companion of the Flemish people.

Els Van de Sijpe, manager Radio: “That every day more than 3 million people to one of our radiomerken listen at home, at work or on the go we are happy and grateful. Radio, that is the power of the live moment. And the mix of information, music, surprising and compelling stories. We feel a strong bond with our listeners every day via the comments in our apps or other digital platforms, through our broadcasts on location and events.”

The market share of Nostalgia on 12+ rises of 5.4% during the previous wave to 5.6%. On the core target group 35-54 scores the transmitter is a market share of 8.5%. By a slight increase in the range, but a slight decrease in the luisterduur remains the market share of Nostalgia at 12+ so practically stable. General manager ad-interim Kim Beyns: “We are pleased that the historically low range of the total radio market, and especially in our core target groups specialist 25-34 and 35-54 of the previous wave has been restored. However, We have not been waiting on this result to make work on an ambitious strategy to 2018. We have all the confidence in that Nostalgia is a beautiful radiojaar ahead.”

Qmusic and Joe grow the most of all radio stations for the general audience (12+). The radio stations are also doing well on their zenderdoelgroepen. Qmusic is growing from 11.1% (previous wave) to 11.8% on 12+. Joe rises in that audience of 7.3% (previous wave) to 8.8% and is also the largest grower. The total market share of MEDIALAAN radio’s grows as further by of 18.4% (previous wave) to 20,6% on 12+. On the zenderdoelgroepen gets Qmusic to 19.3% in the 18 to 44-year-olds Joe is 12% among the 35-54 year olds.
Iwan Reuvekamp, program director radio: “Our radio stations are alive & kicking and growing rapidly. Qmusic and Joe reach every day 1.1 million listeners. Qmusic welcomed Wim Oosterlinck in the morning with Sam & Heidi, Sean Dhondt in the afternoon and reached this wave more 18-44-year-olds.”
Robin Vissenaekens, zendermanager Joe continues: “Largest grower Joe is both in the week with Sven & Anke and Raf & Rani as at the weekend with Kris Wauters and Ann Van Elsen strong. We are building further on the largest disabled supporters group of the fresh forty-something and we do that with the classics of yesterday and hits of today.”
With Joe are this week’s ’80s central. The radio tomorrow, Friday the 9th of February, the grand finale of the Top 888, the 888 biggest 80’s hits. Qmusic is getting ready for the Top 500 of the 90’s, which is on 26 February start, and the Q-Run To You on 17 march.

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