Merijn responding cell for a participant, and not gay

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Merijn responding cell for a participant, and not gay

One of the leaders of Temptation Island would actually be on men fall… / RTL

More news from the always classy tv program Temptation Island. Both old participants, as well as couples and leaders from the new season (again) in the spotlight, with rumors about a possible homosexual in the program, a break and a bit of news about a candidate this year, dirty things to do in the cell, instead of with someone else’s girl.

400 CC in the hands of another

First of all, of course, it was the news that Pommeline, and Merijn, who last year in Temptation Island were from each other are gone. The reason for this remained vague, but the rumors are that Pommeline its 400 CC at humor for once in the hands of current seducer Fabrizio had laid. That would be the temptress said in a video of Diana Gabriels, that in the Netherlands because of breach are blocked (sigh).

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In the video, would Pommeline in tears, have told that they Merijn has cheated with Fabrizio. The spark would be skipped in the tattoo parlor of Fabrizio, where Pommeline now works. The images are gone, it also seems from the video that abroad to do so. Pommeline denies in any event that she has a relationship with Fabrizio, and report further that they have no comments. ,,I still love Jonathan, and I have no relationship with Fabrizio.”

Comment Merijn

Previously responded Lisa (the ex Friend) is already on the break between the two. ,,I have really suffered a lot from the nickname Sneaky Lisa that I had been given by the program. Pommeline and Jonathan enjoyed it so much. But now I laugh back. I believe strongly in karma: what goes around, comes back around”, she says to RTL Boulevard.

Also Merijn has now responded to all the fuss. In a movie, also RTL Boulevard, he says not much more over the break than is already known. ,,Yes the way back home lost…”, he says referring to the message on Instagram of the two ex-lovers, ,,I think that it is clear, however. That is something with her and not with me. That should they themselves go find out.”

‘Do not interfere’

About the reaction of his ex, Lisa, he briefly are: ,,If they had, then I would never get such a response on them, or would I have no business to interfere. That has been, and just continue with your own thing. You Focus there and don’t you deal with this situation.”

The former participant continues to one advice to couples who are considering to participate in the program: ,,never Put on it. It is a very heavy period, both in the program and outside the program. You get quite a lot about you and everyone has what to say about you.”

Gino gay? Oh nay…

Someone who rarely picks up is seducer Gino, who, this year, however, participate in the program. From the first images of him in Temptation Island runs the rumor mill that Gino homosexual and RTL Boulevard seemed to be this messages to confirm. That he is gay, which would be according to Gino , is The biggest bullshit ever” and he’s very clear about using some of the Instagram Story-posts.

Gino gay? Nothing of what he says. / RTL

A moment later, was the message of RTL Boulevard has disappeared, and especially Gino itself seemed very in his element. “When they try to fuck with you but they forget you work for the same employer #rtlboulevard #delete #bullshit”, he writes in the following post via Instagram Stories.

Alex in the tank

And then another short news about seducer Alex, who recently with a wide toothpaste smile at RTL Boulevard announced how much fun Temptation Island have not been, but in the meantime, in anticipation of a lawsuit.

Alex from the previous season of Temptation Island. / RTL

He could, in fact, someone abused and is here Wednesday, which is indeed condemned. Alex was at the beginning of march 2017, thick quarrel during a night out on the town with, among other Danyla, Ken and Lise, who also entered his season of Temptation Island.

Alex was hungry, but the shoarma café where they were looking for was closed already. He was angry when a stapmaatje (no Tempation-participant) him banned behind the wheel, and kicked him two broken ribs. Result: the Belgian TO be sentenced to imprisonment of three months. Ai.

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