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Max Verstappen: “After the first F1 test day, I will know where I stand”

According to Max Verstappen will be there already after the first day of testing with the new Red Bull F1 car, a lot of conscience about where Red Bull and himself.

On February 26, is the day, the first of two wintertests start. According to Max Verstappen will be soon known whether Red Bull has a good car. A good reliability is, however, crucial to the new car, to get to know him thoroughly to be able to test.

“Normally you get during the beginning of the year have an idea of where you stand, but that is not the goal,” said Verstappen. “The important thing is that the car is reliable during the test, so you get a good idea about the characteristics of the new car.”

“During the first day of testing, you know, however, whether it is a good car or not,” concluded Verstappen.

Last year were the expectations very high on both Verstappen at the Red Bull. Both of them had hoped for in 2017 to be able to compete for the title. That turned out not to be the case, though, there were some victories.

Big question now, of course, how competitive the successor of the Red Bull RB13 will be. Verstappen and Red Bull want this year again, at least victories to aspire to, and preferably, of course, also be competing for the title.

“Of course We have to still wait and see how competitive we are with the new car and the new engine,” says Verstappen. “As a rider, however, you should always believe in yourself.”

In the run-up to the first test day is the first countdown to the presentation of the new F1 cars, who are going to next week start up.

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