Mattie Valk travels to Pyeongchang

1dc4cb04a2599c734a3667fc5361c2ac - Mattie Valk travels to Pyeongchang

Also radio dj Mattie Valk travels to South Korea to report on the Olympic Winter games. He runs more with the staff of the Holland Heineken House and follows family members of Dutch athletes in Pyeongchang.

Mattie is not the only Dutch dj who of the olympic atmosphere comes to taste in Pyeonchang. His colleague Edwin Evers of radio 538 presents also on location, a tradition that he has since the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney continues.

The plan a program in South Korea, came from the series of videos Mattie is Going For Gold. The dj followed the training schedule of schaatsters Ireen Wüst and Antoinette de Jong. When they qualify for the winter Olympics, they challenged Mattie from the plane to Pyeongchang to address.

The sporting event begins Friday officially with an opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium Pyeongchang.

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