Massive attention for occur North Koreans

5a44c99f4e22dda71216a9483c71d58f - Massive attention for occur North Koreans

GANGNEUNG – A 137-strong North Korean orchestra began with great interest to a first performance in South Korea. Dozens of protesters were meanwhile, noise in the vicinity of the concert hall in Gangneung.

Many South Koreans had attempted the concert to attend. More than 150,000 people did according to the government, participate in a lottery that allows them tickets could win one of the two shows of the North Koreans.

The Samjiyon band played Thursday numbers from North and South Korea for the 812 audience. A 54-year-old woman, who is the concert and visited with her daughter, spoke of a “historic moment.” It was known for the first time since 2000 that a North Korean band occurred in the southern neighbor.

Not all South Koreans are enthusiastic about the arrival of the northern musicians. Some eighty people were demonstrating in the area. They played more protestmuziek. A hundred agents was deployed to the protesters to keep away from the occurrence.

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