Man waving with g-strings for caféraam

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BRUGES – A 43-year-old man from Bruges has Thursday before the Belgian criminal court to answer for three offences of public zedenschennis. Bahri T. was standing under the window of a café with his private parts waving. It requires a year imprisonment and a fine of 2000 euro. The right hand is doing on march 8 ruling.

On september 14, 2016 stayed the forty-something of Turkish origin in a shelter. There he began to masturbate when he is near a social worker. In the Bruges nightlife saw policemen in citizen how T. on February 1, 2017 from a café in the centre of the city walked in front of the window with his genitals began to wave. Finally, the police also called up when the man on 5 april naked, jumped into the water. This is reported in Belga.

“I was drunk and I wanted to swim in the canal”, declared T. to the seat. Of the incident at the café, he could say nothing more to remember. On the facts of the sanctuary, told the accused: “That woman showed me her pink knickers, that was not my fault.”

Bahri T. came out in 2014 already in contact with the court for death threats during a football game of his son. With a knife he made stabbing motions in the direction of the new boyfriend of his ex-wife. In that case, T. sentenced to 30 months in prison, of which the helftvoorwaardelijk. That punishment has now been converted into 30 months unconditional, because the Turkish native of bruges is not on his terms kept.

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