Madonna stabbed with forks

35a1a6bb6ef70cfa46faeeb7c6f398f9 - Madonna stabbed with forks

Madonna is stabbed with multiple forks. On her Instagram she posts a video of the painful happen.

What turns out? The forks are part of a beauty treatment. Beautician Skillets take the face of the 59-year-old world star on their hands with a pair of forks that are a very little bit of power to radiate. This would be the damage to the skin to restore and rejuvenate the skin and strengthen. Jennifer Aniston (48) would also be a fan of this remarkable treatment.

Also notable is the pronunciation of Madonna in her video. “Have you ever your face, reinforced with a fork? Or have you ever someone stabbed with a fork? I have done both. Anyway, it’s bizarre.” And that’s it.

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