Lex Expression brings people together as a carnival prince

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Lex’s Expression had never expected that he ever carnival prince of the netherlands would be. “I thought it was too big to sneak to hope for”, says the presenter. Prince Lex I is the midpoint in the documentary Nao ’t Zuuje that BNNVARA Thursday evening (21.45 hours), broadcast on NPO 3. The longer movie version, attracted to 30,000 moviegoers, mainly in Limburg.

“For all the guys in Venlo, born, it is a dream to ever prince. Up to the time that I was asked by the chairman of the carnival society Jocus came not to me, that that reality would be,” says Lex, in his own regional language.

From the documentary of director Rob Hodselmans and producer Pieter Kuijpers it appears that carnival, or carnival, a popular celebration of both reconciliation as emotions. A few of the main characters in the film struggle with disease or the process of a divorce. Also when the prince and his two adjudanten, friend Martijn Peters, and brother, Dick Reflected, the emotions high. “With the party, go back to your core, where you were born and grew up. Carnival is so in my upbringing. You are celebrating the of childhood, and there are a lot of memories. Prince is the highest in the South, in your own city. Higher you can’t,” explains Lex. “My father was a few years ago, a ribbon of the king, but found this to be an even more beautiful gift.”

Fairy tale

The Amsterdam based Venlonaar considers the task of the carnival prince as a role “in the biggest fairy tale that each year it is celebrated.” His job as a prince is to be on as much as possible places in Venlo his face to show. “And the nationals play it all and believe in it. Anywhere I sing my song and bring happiness in relaxation. As a prince, you’re the figurehead of the society. He creates a connection and go on and on all the parties, make an appearance, even in the old people’s home for people to visit to the city.”

With the movie Nao ’t Zuuje shows Lex the true meaning of carnival. “The documentary is mainly intended to show the true folk culture. The film provides the best image of the meaning of the feast. Nothing Dutch carnavalsmuziek, but classic folk songs of dozens of years old that we sing in our own vernacular.”


Lex will be no edition of the carnival miss and is again this year of the party. “Carnival goes to the we-feeling, with family and friends. They call it the high mass of the self-reflection. With carnival, you go by yourself to counseling where you are in life. You talk a lot easier about how it really goes.”

In november during the pronkzitting, prince Lex I have the jacket and the hat is already gone and the stadszilver returned. Meanwhile, Venlo, a new prince of Jocus. Lex: “I like to party again with family and friends to celebrate, without obligations. I’m going to super enjoy the triumph of the new prince.”

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