Kooivechter as a drag queen in wraakpornofilmpje Katie Price

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Katie Price, also known as a nude model Joran, to the public in a tv-studio, types of xxx sex from her ex, kooivechter Alex Reid, show. That, reports The Sun.

The star was drunk and giggled, while the video from her phone to the forty people from the public showed up, allegedly, during a break in the filming of the Uk programme Celebrity Big Brother. It was the kooivechter as a drag queen. Heavily formatted and dressed in a corset and a visnetpakje argued Reid, or Roxanne called, a act with a sex toy.

A witness in this audience responds via The Sun. “She asked if we wanted to see and none of us responded. We viewed it all, but no one responded. We laughed not and joelden not, or whatever. We wanted her not to encourage.”

Over my dead body

The claims to the address of Katie Price come the day after they themselves protest today against anonymous people on the internet their arrows targeting her autistic son, Harvey. Also, she would rather have said ’never, never, Never, over my dead body’ sekstapes to reveal, because they are not ’up to that level, decrease wanted’. Price was from 2010 to 2012 married with the kooivechter.

It is not known who the incident reported to the police: 42-year-old Alex Reid itself or one of the guests in the studios of Big Brother. The police is now doing research to Katie Price. Their response to the British newspaper: “The investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment.”

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