Kinderpornozaak Glee-actor Salling dropped after death

cbef732d98b7a346e6063ccbc8ecfa24 - Kinderpornozaak Glee-actor Salling dropped after death

A court in the United States has the kinderpornozaak in which Mark Salling engaged was dismissed. The reason for this is the death of the Glee actor. Salling committed on January 30, a suicide.

Sallings body was found in the Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood in Los Angeles, where he had hanged himself. The suicide was by lijkschouwers confirmed.

Salling wrestled with severe depression, after he confessed to child pornography in his possession to have had. During a search were on his computer more than fifty thousand pornographic photos of minors found.

He would, after consultation with the ministry of justice have agreed to a term of imprisonment of four to seven years, registration as a sex offender and a omgangsverbod with minors. The verdict of his case was scheduled for march of this year.

The actor was known to the general public as Noah Puckerman in musicalserie Glee.

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