Kate Upton was groped by Guess-founder

4c90453693739d80a7351c38dd5fc1e9 - Kate Upton was groped by Guess-founder

Kate Upton has for the first time details about the sexual misconduct of Guess founder Paul Marciano told. The fashion icon would have her groped and against her will have kissed.

During a meeting in 2010, handle Marciano Upton said at the breasts. “He took them bite, felt and played there actually. When I asked him wegduwde he said that he definitely wanted to know that they really are”, according to the model, against TIME Magazine.

At another time during a photo shoot fingering Marciano the model at her thighs and he kissed her on her face and in the neck. A photographer came when they intervene to Upton to protect. The model was then put aside. Also, the photographer didn’t have to return to Guess.

Upton made last week through Instagram announced that they have a #metoo-is a victim. When reported, however, they are not yet what had happened. Marciano has so far all been denied.

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