Jehovah’s Witnesses hold to testimonies of child abuse behind

e078f0f26c5c8d0f4e1d4a75b70b1033 - Jehovah's Witnesses hold to testimonies of child abuse behind

Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Netherlands has many years of reports of allegations of sexual abuse of children is withheld. That’s according to research by RTL News. Victims fear that the documents are destroyed and evidence is lost.

Two weeks ago, RTL News that Jehovah’s issues around child abuse within the church itself to handle. They have their own ‘courts’: committees that consist of so-called elders, leaders within the church.

Reports of dozens and possibly hundreds of internal lawsuits against Jehovah’s accused of sexual child abuse are withheld. With details of the case, and sometimes even confessions of the perpetrators.

Victims fear that their testimonies will be lost. They call on the Jehovah’s Witnesses and to the reports by directly handing over to the Public Prosecutor. Justice refuses to, according to RTL News, the paper claims.

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