Jean-Marie Pfaff connect return The Pfaffs are not from

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The Pfaffs times as possible in 2020 back on the screen. That told Jean-Marie Pfaff Wednesday afternoon during a press event of the musical Team U. P. at Studio 100 in which Jean-Marie Pfaff a not insignificant role to play.
During the press conference was Jean-Marie Pfaff to the tooth felt about the possible relaunch of The Pfaffs. That is a possibility indeed. Even more, Jean-Marie already has a concrete idea. “There are a couple of deals come, with two, three of them we have spoken,” he says in het Nieuwsblad. “But that return will not be tomorrow. Maybe within two years , so next year we start on the preparations and the filming,” he continues. It certainly doesn’t quickly go for Jean-Marie Pfaff. If The Pfaffs back on tv, then everyone should be ready.

“The attention I miss. On the contrary, I’m still that regular guy of the people, that interest received for his athletic achievements. For that recognition, I am very grateful,” he says in The Latest News.

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