’Ivanka has the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen’

52bdf70927cea545985c45e640ac9349 - ’Ivanka has the most beautiful legs I've ever seen’

The legendary music producer Quincy Jones in an interview with Vulture, not a leaf for the mouth taken. He let out about Michael Jackson, The Beatles, the killer of John F. Kennedy and… Ivanka Trump.

About Michael Jackson, with whom Jones was a huge success, posted, claps he is pretty out of the school. “I find it very annoying to have to say this, but Michael has a lot of songs stolen. The reason for this was greed.” Jones also says that he is the King of Pop several times has addressed in his many plastic surgery procedures: “He said always that he or any other disease, so that he had to be operated. Bullshit. He had a problem with how he looked and that is caused by his father, who always said he was ugly. That was very good.”

Jones also recalls the first impression he got of The Beatles, when they became known. “They were the worst musicians in the world. It was ” no-playing motherf*ckers!’ Paul McCartney was the worst bass player I ever saw and Ringo Starr….man, break me the beak is not open.”

Later in the interview, is it about the murdered American president John F. Kennedy. “Sam Giancana, the famous mafia boss from Chicago, is a well-known name among the Kennedy-complottheoristen, both by his assistance in obtaining votes in the state of Illinois for the presidential elections in 1960, as in the attack on JFK in 1963. There was a connection between JFK, Frank Sinatra and the mafia, including Giancana. Maarre…we should not publicly speak about it.”

About the allegations at the address of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Brett Ratner is Quincy short: “Or that as a surprise? I can publicly really didn’t talk about it, man.” Finally, add the producer that he used to be a ’something has had ” with Ivanka Trump, the daughter of president Donald Trump. “She has the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. A pity that they have such a father.”

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