Italian comedy that kassarecords broke get French remake

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‘Quo Vado?’, an Italian comedy film from 2016, under the direction of Gennaro Nunziante, a French remake. That makes entertainmentsite Variety exclusive known. The film, about a condition that the job is official in a small village in Southern Italy who are luilekkerleventje threatened by the reforms of the government, was immensely popular in Italy and broke multiple records.

The Italian actor, comedian and singer Checco Zalone played the leading role in the comedy. Zalone gained fame in his country due to his world cup song “Siamo una squadra fortissimi” from 2006, that the victory of Italy at the football world cup in Germany, sang its praises.

In January 2016, also took his film career to a high flight, then, ‘Quo Vado?” during its opening weekend 22,2 million euro the yield in his home country, and thus the record of ‘Sole a catinelle’ from 2013 broke, also with Zalone in a leading role. That film brought in 18.6 million euro in the coffers in its opening weekend. On January 13, also had the totaalrecord of ‘Sole a catinelle’ (51,9 million) sacrified. ‘Quo Vado?’ brought in a total of 65.3 million euro in Italy and was the most successful Italian film ever.

The story is about a condition that the job is official in the south of Italy. When the reformist government decision to cut back on the bureaucracy, the man is forced to increasingly worse jobs. The government also seeks civil servants to pay for their resignation and to send him to an Italian research station at the north Pole. During that assignment he falls in love with a Norwegian woman, which makes for a difficult choice: or an uncertain existence with his new flame, or are comfortable luilekkerleventje in Italy.

The French komediespecialist Fabien Onteniente, known from the ‘Camping’movies, the remake. The cameras will be in april of next year start running.

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