Internet pioneer Barlow died

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SAN FRANCISCO – The American John Perry Barlow, who played an important role in the development of the internet, has died. He died Wednesday at age 70, in his sleep, reported the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That organization, founded by Barlow, is committed to freedom online. Occasionally wrote Barlow lyrics for the band of a friend: The Grateful Dead.

Barlow first used the word ’cyberspace’ to the internet community to describe. He called it a “silent world where every conversation is typed. To do so, people away from their body and place and consist only of words. You can see what your neighbors are saying, but not how they and their surroundings look like. It consists in the enormous region of electrons, microwaves, magnetic fields, light pulses and thoughts.”

In 1996, Barlow a declaration of independence of cyberspace’, in which he authorities called for the internet to interfere. “On behalf of the future I ask you of the past to us to leave alone. You are not welcome to us. You have no power where we gather,” he wrote.

Barlow gave in 1996 a gastles in a basisschoolklas in Illinois. One of the children in the class was nine-year-old Aaron Swartz, who after the speech so inspired him that he focused on technology, collapsed. As a fourteen-year-old, he helped the RSS format development. Later, he helped the site Reddit set up.

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