Hollywood stuntman responds to crash Uma Thurman during recording ‘Kill Bill’: “it is Very irresponsible”

427fbae1bf4c07efa9f9bf1697e9cf64 - Hollywood stuntman responds to crash Uma Thurman during recording 'Kill Bill': "it is Very irresponsible"

In the margin of the feud between Uma Thurman and director Quentin Tarantino made the actress images public during the run of ” Kill Bill vol. 2′ (2004) in a car filmed. On the images to see how Thurman steering control lose and with over 60 kilometers per hour against a palm tree pops. The actress kept in permanent injuries to neck and knees. Tarantino would make her have agreed to the stunt itself. “That crash had her death,” said experienced stuntman Andy Armstrong at The Hollywood Reporter.

“The situation as described sounds like a stunt, and to violate this is most likely the safety regulations,” said a spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA, an American labor union for actors whose Thurman is a member. “Only professional stunt men or women can such stunts to perform, under the supervision of a stunt coordinator.” Thurman had the trade union was not informed of the situation on the set of ‘Kill Bill’.

The actress said earlier this week on The Times that they are not comfortably felt in the car, which she described as “a coffin” – and expressly asked that a stuntpiloot the vehicle would be driving on the dirt road, but Tarantino refused that request due to the extra costs. Thurman suffered from a concussion and damaged knees after the crash.

The situation in front of and behind the cameras provokes outrage with experienced stuntman Andy Armstrong, who was in numerous movies stunts performed: “This incident is terrible, she was beheaded can be,” he says to The Hollywood Reporter. “The car was easy overkop can go, or the movie camera in the back had to the front can slide. This is a huge irresponsibility.”

Tarantino crowds earlier this week his regret about the failed stunt: “She (Thurman, ed.) gave me the blame of this accident. I admit that she’s right. I have convinced her to be in that car, and assured her that the road was safe. Unfortunately that was not the case,” says the director.

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