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Hermes Oostende put European stunt after thriller in Obrenovac

d9a3ffb4fb781c9a57c46a3e92d5ccc1 - Hermes Oostende put European stunt after thriller in Obrenovac

The ladies of Hermes Oostende are there Thursday night managed to bump up to the quarter-finals of the Challenge Cup volleyball. Because the sum of the back – and terugresulaten on a 3-3 tie, ended, had the knot in a golden set would be cut. Which was won by Oostende (13-15).

After Charleroi was eliminated by the Turkish Bursa, continued to Ostend as the last Belgian team in the Challenge Cup for women. Hermes knew how to stunt in the heenwedstrijd by 3-0 (25-21, 24-18, 25-18) to win the Serbia’s Tent Obrenovac. The Serbian ladies had so firmly of leather attract to their slip, and they did that. Although the Ostend Obrenovac is still difficult in the first set (25-21), went to the kustploeg in the second set (25-16) in the fog. Ostend was back in the third set (25-22), but had ultimately to Obrenovac.

The two teams finished the two matches with a draw (3-3), making a golden set themselves was needed. Therein looked Ostend quickly at a disadvantage. But the kustploeg surprised both friend and enemy, and finally won with 13-15. Hermes met in the quarter-finals Charleroi-killer Bursa. The date of that match is not yet determined, but is somewhere between 20 and 22 February.

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