Gordon openly about drug use in biography

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Gordon has never made any secret that he might drink and use drugs, but in the first published passages from his biography, he talks in detail about his problems to drug use.

“That gives me a better feeling. I am sometimes home alone in my own coke to sniff, purely to the kutgevoel out of my body to get,” he says in the book, which HP/DeTijd in the march issue some of the quotes posted.

He also tells about a terrifying moment that was caused by the drugs: “I was in the shower and thought: I’m too taken, I believe that I have to call 112. I had so many kits that I have palpitations of got it.”

In August last year showed Gordon to Private already intimated that he is violent revelations in the biography. ,,Indeed, there will be a lot of people steep down-in-one as my book will soon be in the shop.” And so he told Marcel Langedijk, the author of the biography, sometimes the tears in his eyes, had a look at what the 49-year-old presenter has experienced. “And I am not just about what other people from the world of showbiz have done or said, but also just the pain and sorrow that I even had to endure in life. There is almost no one knows of…”, he added.

Gordon’s biography will appear February 28.

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