“God is an Onion’

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It’s official: ‘God is an Onion’. Or that is what to read on the website of pope Francis. The message comes from Inti De Ceukelaire. The ethical hacker found a leak in the system of the Vatican and reported that to the webmaster.

“Pope Francis is pleased to announce that heaven on earth is discovered: Aalst. After an extensive investigation, led by the best scientists of the Vatican, His Holiness came to the conclusion that the city of Aalst the Holy Land.”

The playful message is the message on the website of the Vatican, and the work of Inti De Ceukelaire. The Belgian ethical hacker managed to get in to in a creative way the phone numbers of the companies or the politicians to figure out, and even the personal e-mail address of Melania Trump to find, that he the American first lady, and invited to his home town Aalst.

Vatican contacted

When the Vatican, the new website launched, he found a leak in the system. But that he has them also immediately let you know.

“I have the Vatican nine times contacted, sometimes with weeks between them. They decided there was nothing to do. I have the Vatican, ultimately, a reasonable deadline is given – up to 7 February – as the industry requires. After the deadline, they remained in their position (that this is not something that they want to solve) even though they knew I the information available to the public, such as the procedure prescribes, ” he says on The Latest News.


The Ceukelaire, which is itself a ‘ajoin’ from Aalst, decided then but for the dragon to cross with the leak. Whole on from aalst manner. How to share the pope further advised that the Lord henceforth, an Onion should be called. A video clip with the dancing nuns, saints and onions fills the message.

The Ceukelaire has no bad intentions, ” he says. “This stunt is quite innocuous: not injurious, has no influence on the site, is not visible to others, and puts no one in danger’, sounds. ‘The page is only visible via the link, the faithful catholic that the site of the pope’s visit, can this without a link not found.’

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