German hardrockgitarist Zeno Roth died

8365968ed8f0d3a8e407fd847f3cc0d3 - German hardrockgitarist Zeno Roth died

The German hardrockgitarist Zeno Roth is at the age of 61 died, so did his older and more famous brother Ulli Roth yesterday on his website published.

In the seventies, was Zeno Roth with Ule W. Ritgen the band Black Angel. It was later the group of ZENO, Michael Flexig as a singer.

Zeno had almost the same influences as his brother, Ulli, that when The Scorpions played. But any FM-style was’t strange to him.

ZENO brought in 1986 a self-titled debut album. There followed a further four albums with the latest ‘Runway to The Gods’ (2006). Especially ‘Listen to the Light’ (1998) was the recognition count.

According to his brother Ulli worked for Zeno Roth, shortly before his death, on Tuesday after an unnamed illness, with three new songs. Ulli Roth, she promised to try to finish and release it.

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