Gang frees drug dealer from Spanish hospital

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It reminds of a scene from a tv series, the spectacular way in which a drug dealer in the south of Spain from a hospital was liberated. The local authorities seize this umpteenth drug-related incident to get more funds in their guerra contra las drogas.

It began as the umpteenth arrest of a drug dealer, Tuesday in La Línea de la Concepción in the south of Spain. Agents that a man on a scooter tried to intercept because they suspected …

It began as the umpteenth arrest of a drug dealer, Tuesday in La Línea de la Concepción in the south of Spain. Agents that a man on a scooter tried to intercept because they suspected that it went to someone where several arrest warrants against walked. Only let this suspect is not just summarize. He tried it with high speed to escape, but lost on a roundabout, the balance and fell. With a broken leg, there was not a lot of flights and the agents were able to get the guy to the service emergency of the local hospital.

There is indeed to go to a searched drugstrafikant. A member of Las Castañitas – a criminal gang that is reportedly the largest part of the hasjmarkt in Spain check.

There is the cavalry

Took a long time, however, not for about twenty men, most of them masked, or the face hidden under a hood, in all-terrain vehicles and vans to the hospital came down. A lot of the words made the gang there not to dirty. The men insisted with loud cries into the hospital and freed their companion.

The present officers could not many start at such force majeure. They dared their firearms not to use them, because they are afraid of a massacre to cause, according to some trade unionists to El Español. Staff and patients were severely shocked by the brutal methods of the gang, and the threats that they flung to us, but eventually got no one injured. Also the material damage was not that bad.

A sense of impunity

It was so much worse can expire, but it is for the local authorities the signal to the alarm to pull. The efforts in the ‘guerra contra las drogas’ in the region should urgently be increased, find them. La Línea de la Concepción adjacent to Gibraltar, and is less than 30 km as the crow flies from Morocco. Add to this the links with the former Spanish colonies in South America, and guess that it is an important through road for international drug smuggling. According to the mayor of La Línea, there is, however, a climate of impunity, he gave up his last year already. Drug traffickers would have their affairs in all openness to control, and not for terugdeinsen to the confrontation with the police. The police force does not have sufficient funds to compete, let alone win.

The professional association AEGC says that they have been reporting that both that the Guardia Civil and the national police in the abandoned feel in their fight against dangerous criminals who do not hesitate the lives of agents or even their own life in the scales to eject a load of drugs to protect. Also the hospital staff is complaining. The incident this week may have been exceptionally brutal, aggression and insults are commonplace for medical staff.

The minister should explain it

Minister of Home Affairs Juan Ignacio Zoido may claim that there is no disproportionate safety problem in the region, politiebonden and political parties such as Izquiera Unida, the PSOE, and Ciudadanos, want him to a result of the incident this week in the parliament prefer to the tooth feel.

If they needed anything to make their point: yesterday, the La Línea again to a violent confrontation. This time, we had two agents injured when their police car was hit by a four wheel drive that they wanted to stop.

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