’Football Inside against criticism’

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The men of Football Inside must be able to collect. That said Arie Boomsma in RTL Boulevard. The presenter responded to an argument presented by Johan Derksen in the program from last Monday. In it he had criticized Boomsma.

Derksen accused the presenter of them young gay men in the province to use ’nice tv’. He would have them out of the cabinet and then to their fate. According to Derksen, would the boys then no life. The criticism came after Boomsma on social media evil was made because of the joke that Rene van der Jibe was made about a Belgian transgender.

“What they say about me makes me not so much,” said Boomsma after he the fragment of Derksen had seen again. “They are not able to consider something to me to hurt.” He mentioned then the assertions of Derksen, that young gays are no more in life when they are once out of the closet are out-of-date.

It bothered Boomsma, moreover, that Derksen and Van der Jibe apparently not against criticism. Incidentally, the presenter is not that Football Inside need to stop. “Everything you need to be able to say, but then you also need criticism,” sneered he.

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