Flight Alaska Airlines must return by naked passenger

139606af0f1ee16aaaba05500ad1fca7 - Flight Alaska Airlines must return by naked passenger

An aircraft Wednesday en route from Anchorage to Seattle, had a very special reason rechtsomkeer.

According to fire chief Darcey Perry went to flight 146, which is a little after 1 a.m. ascended was on the Ted Stevens Anchorage airport in Alaska. But not much later it was a passenger all his clothes off, and then on to closing in the toilet compartment. The pilots of the aircraft were forced to return.

Back in Anchorage just before 3 a.m., the passenger will be met by FBI agents. The staff and some passengers were also questioned about the facts, and everyone had the unit just leave.

The flight could end up around half 7 in the morning for a second time, leave, and eventually came to the 146 remaining passengers around 11 hours in Seattle. In the meantime, said a spokesman of the public prosecutor of Alaska that the naked nothing at the expense would be laid out.

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