Extraordinary talent in jubileumseizoen of Belgium’s Got Talent

23e421165f9b6ea7d443dab1cc72b19c - Extraordinary talent in jubileumseizoen of Belgium's Got Talent

From Friday 23 February 2018 returns the most talent of Flanders back to the screen. In the fifth jubileumseizoen of Belgium’s Got Talent go An Lemmens, Niels Destadsbader, Dan Karaty, and Stan Van Samang looking for the successors of Baba Yega. Fourteen weeks long distinguished they the strafe talent of the even tougher talent. But season five surprised also with an important novelty. Because not only the jury decides who doorstoot to the large studioshows…

Hosts Laura Tesoro and Koen Wauters give candidates not only a final push in the back, they decide this year who to the great studioshows. Laura and Koen get their own Golden Buzzer, which is their favorite act directly forward. Just as each member of the jury should they be allowed to this button one time during the auditions. “Laura and I have this season also has something to say. We can the jury even overrule if we don’t agree with them”, says a satisfied Koen.

Also in season 5 gives Belgium’s Got Talent in a wide range of original talent a stage. Among other things, a rapping grandma, a hypnotist, a singing mermaid, a poetry slam, flatland BMX, sporthouthakken and borders flan to bring food both tension and relaxation. In addition, dares a striking candidate of last season, again his chance… he Who is of the jury at least three yes’s will get a chance at a spot in the big studioshows.

The acts are discussed in 7 auditieafleveringen, but only the 42 best punches to the 7 studioshows in the AED Studios in Lint. From then on it is up to the viewer at home to work with the jury to determine who is in the final state, which is completely live-broadcast. After each show, the viewer can vote for his favorite. That votingresultaten be in the next show announced. On Friday 25 may 2018 will prove who with the victory and the accompanying €50,000 to go home.

That Belgium’s Got Talent is the perfect springboard for real talent, proving the winners of two years ago. The masked dance group Baba Yega coasted to the eye of more than a million viewers high tops in the final. Thereafter followed a finalist in Das Supertalent, private shows and a movie. This year Baba Yega on the torch to new talent. Who acts in their footsteps?

No jubileumseizoen without the golden quartet in the jury. An Lemmens, Niels Destadsbader, Stan Van Samang and Dan Karaty again the strings in my hands and decide the fate of the candidates. Sometimes strict, always fair, and often with a strong dose of humor. The four are completely used to each other, and also between the auditions by for the spectacle.

“Baba Yega was everything a winner of Belgium’s Got Talent, he says. Innovative, surprising, and damn funny to watch. Now they have left, it is time to give someone else a big stage and I’m looking forward to it.” – Niels Destadsbader
“I’m su-per excited. This year I have my precautions are taken: a box of Kleenex for when I start to cry.” – An Lemmens

“The fifth season. I expected a lot from it. We can compare, so it is more difficult. Or I milder go judging me now daddy? I’m perhaps what has become more sensitive. We’ll see what that gives.” – Stan Van Samang

“The talent of last year was great. As a result we can this season still be tougher and more of the candidates expect. It’s nice to be back. I look forward to the great acts, and may again in addition to An Lemmens sit. For me, it can’t be better.” – Dan Karaty

The fifth jubileumseizoen of Belgium’s Got Talent, from Friday 23 February 2018 to 20.40 VTM.

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