Drama for Saartje Vandendriessche

dbdc0187d34acf146cc5b560973328b7 - Drama for Saartje Vandendriessche

Recently, Saartje Vandendriessche has after a fall is a fracture in the wrist sustained during the filming of her program ‘the Man’. “That is really a tragedy”, “respond” to the presenter.

The accident happened when Saartje located in a skate park was preparing on Crashed Ice, one of her challenges in the program ‘the Man’. Crashed Ice is an extreme sport in which you at high speed of a mountain afschaatst and jumps off a cliff.

Because it would be irresponsible to continue to skate, the challenge was postponed, which Saartje was only a few days ago, could compete in the Crashed Ice competition in Finland. The result is on 14 February.

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