Democrat keeps marathonspeech for dreamers

089c8bbbaaa4551760fca1825d44374b - Democrat keeps marathonspeech for dreamers

WASHINGTON – The democratic leader of the U.s. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday a more than eight-hour long speech about the ’dreamers’. The marathontoespraak is the longest speech since 1909 in the House is nominated.

The 77-year-old Pelosi wanted the speech to put pressure on the Republicans to find a solution for the approximately 700,000 naturalised foreigners, who as a young child illegally to the US come and live there. They want that there is a renewed protection plan for them is set. Donald Trump decided the program of his predecessor, Barack Obama to terminate with effect from 5 march.

The future of the dreamers was last month even though the bottleneck which the Democrats of the state budget blocked, after which a shutdown of the U.s. government went in.

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