Court finds fan that Andrei has contaminated

1543418be7e9c27d2d6e8da7fac6a9a2 - Court finds fan that Andrei has contaminated

The court examines whether a violent fan ‘Idol’finalist Andrei Lugovski (34) wanted to kill. Three female fans of the toxic singer to be investigated “because they are recognisable by their behaviour”. That writes The Latest News. The singer is still in critical condition in the hospital, after he thallium, the deadly ingredient in rat poison, ate. The women who are the detectives in the visor, “fit the profile of a potential offender,” says a source close to the investigation. “They followed Andrei to the foot, and fell in with the entourage of the singer.” According to the source do these fans sometimes weird things, and are more often women than men that someone with poison trying to kill.

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