Colombia continues to Venezuelan migrants help

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CUCUTA – Colombia border controls intensified, by more than 2000 additional soldiers, but the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who have the misery at home have fled to help. That president Juan Manuel Santos Thursday promised in Cucuta, where a lot of migrants entering the country. The government spends millions to their care.

The number of Venezuelans in Colombia lives according to the immigration service in the last half of 2017, with 62 percent has grown to more than 550,000. Many arriving penniless and sleeping is forced to live in doorways or under bridges. They are trying with poorly paid jobs, including flowers, cut for Valentine’s day, enough money to scrape to get their children and themselves to feed.

Santos said that there will be no dagpasjes be issued and that strict will be taken against criminal behaviour. There is a new registration system for the Venezuelans who are already in Colombia to stay and a centre with the United Nations, the humanitarian aid is going to organize. The government estimates that the $ 5 per day cost for a refugee to eat and provide shelter.

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