Children’s book: Gypsum the basis of tv-series

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The children’s book, Plaster of Anna Woltz is the basis of a new feelgoodserie that AVROTROS in december, just before christmas, broadcast on Zapp. Cecilia Fox, Liz Vergeer and Teun Stokkel play the lead roles in PLASTER. The pictures this month started.

Anna Woltz won with Plaster in October 2016, a gouden griffel (Golden pencil for best original Dutch-language children’s book. The main characters in the story are 13-year-old Fitz and her sister Bente. Fitz is furious because her parents are separated. They fear a stupid christmas and also believes not at all in love. As Bente by an accident to her vingertopje loses, ends up the whole family in the hospital. In the hospital experience Fitz all adventures, close friendships, and she finds out that love is also quite fun.

Cecilia Fox made her debut as an actress in the short film, Grey is also a color. Therein she played a girl of thirteen that tries its older, depressed brother (Ko Zandvliet) happy.

The scenario of GYPSUM is written by Tijs van Marle, the direction is in the hands of Janneke van Heesch and Paul Voorthuysen is the producer.

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