Buurtpolitie-actor is not careful enough

Buurtpolitie-actor is not careful enough

If there are stunts must be performed in The Buurtpolitie is an actor Henny Seroeyen (Robin) of the party. But not everyone is satisfied with that…

Also in “The Tunnel”, the new film from The Buurtpolitie is Robin (Henny Seroeyen) together with his colleague Tom (Tim Ost) the actieduo. They provide the action and the tension. Also in the film is already successful, says Henny Seroeyen in TV Family. Especially that scene where Tom is hit by a car is impressive.

Sometimes it sneaks in there some fear when performing stunts. It often appears easier than it actually is, but Henny Seroeyen prepares with his colleague, Tim Ost, however, each good for. Actually nothing can happen, but you know that anyway but never. The actor admits that he is always relieved breath as a stunt again is successful. And there is still someone, then again a sigh of relief, said…

Nancy, the partner of Henny Seroeyen, reminds her husband often to caution. The stunts in The Buurtpolitie are but the tip of the iceberg. Henny Seroeyen was formerly in the army and they did pretty dangerous exercise. Or that one time during their honeymoon that Henny went rappelling from a high mountain. The actor admits that he kicks on that rush, but it safe. Nevertheless, says Nancy often say to him: “be careful, sweetheart!”

But opposites attract… Henny loves thrills and challenges, while Nancy was much calmer and more concerned. That can give conflicts. On the upbringing of children, there would be certain discussions arise, says Henny Seroeyen in TV Family. Nancy would Henny undoubtedly a wanted daddy, while he her again, a concerned mom would find it. “But, as we fill each other in, of course,” concludes Henny Seroeyen with a positive note.

The desire is there, but the kids are still not for soon. And that’s where the disconnect for a good reason. Currently live in an apartment and their future children if they would still raise children in a house with garden.

Henny Seroeyen tells in TV Family that he is jealous on his Buurtpolitie colleague Andy Peelman. Andy Peelman was asked for the new VTM-program Boxing Stars and Henny admits that he himself would gladly have participated. He already has some experience with martial arts and hopes secretly that VTM thinks of him if there’s a next season coming Boxing Stars.

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