Brad Pitt unscathed after car accident

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Brad Pitt is involved in a traffic accident with three cars. The actor was unharmed. The contents of the other two cars came face to face with the hollywood star. That report entertainmentmagazine NME.

Pitt is experiencing not the best time of his life: he is embroiled in a divorce with actress Angelina Jolie and worked this week, also in nests during driving.

The accident happened last Monday around noon in Los Angeles. According to American media would Pitt with his Tesla on other car have to be broken in. The Nissan of the other driver collided at a third car.

The crash is by local media described as a “small incident”, with no casualties. Pitt (54) exchanged information with all parties involved and took pictures of the damage. The other directors received a handshake from the famous actor.

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