Brad Pitt caused a pile-up in Los Angeles

18c2511bf68019efd7243e27a5d99eb9 - Brad Pitt caused a pile-up in Los Angeles

Brad Pitt has Monday a collision in Los Angeles causes, in which multiple cars were involved. The actor was unharmed, as well as the occupants of other cars.

The actor drove his Tesla in a small silver Nissan, reports Radar Online Thursday. The silver Nissan collided therefore, at the present Kia-truck. After all the initial shock is obtained, filled the three drivers jointly the claim form in and they looked at the damage.

Meanwhile, flocked to the paparazzi to take pictures of the actor and ‘the crime scene’. Pitt remained calm under and acted on the case. Then he returned home towards the district of Los Feliz, where he lives.

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