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Birgit Schuurman sings again

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Birgit Schuurman releases her first album in 10 years time! The past few years, she collapsed on her acting career, with roles in Girl of fun and Soof 2. Now she decides to return to her first love, music.

For Birgit started with acting, she broke down in 2001 with her song I know. She also sang together with her sister Katja Schuurman in the band Jeunes Turcs. Her latest album True stories I made up , she brought 10 years ago.

A Fool For Love

The new album from Birgit called A Fool For Love , and she calls it her most autobiographical album to date. The singer dropped today already her single Amplify on Spotify before the album on march 28, released. In the indie-popnummer she sings about a secret love, exciting!

Girl of pleasure

In the time that Birgit no music made, she turned to acting and she has played in various movies such as The club and Rokjesdag. Today you can recognize her from the series, Girl of pleasure, where they have strict madam Meryem her friend Nadine (Angela schijf) introduces in the escortwereld.

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