Birgit Schuurman sings about secret love

9c83c7911f4658e8b4c8e73ed2bd592f - Birgit Schuurman sings about secret love

Birgit Schuurman has a new single released with the title Amplify. The poptrack is the third song of her album, A Fool For Love that she on march 28, presents at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Amplify is going according to Birgit about a love that is still secret, but that is so great is that you the world to let them know and the roofs would want to scream: ’Amplify our whispers’.

In september, Birgit is her first single ‘ Fuel My Fire, in december, followed by the small, fragile song, Stranded in a short time already more than 250,000 times streamed on Spotify. Birgit, who for the first time in ten years an album, calls her next album ” the most autobiographical album to date’.

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