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Belgium beats Switzerland and remains in the race for the top 8 at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor hockey

The Belgian hockeymannen (FIH 16) have the Thursday night in Berlin in their fourth group competition at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor in Switzerland (FI 8) defeated 2-0. With four points after as many races, retains Belgium have a chance at the quarterfinals on Friday. For the last eight to reach there Friday morning absolutely be won of South Africa, which is still not a single point picked up. Moreover, neither Russia (against Iran), nor in Switzerland (against Austria) for a point address.

The Indoor Red Lions names at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Antwerp last month, with 2-1 the size of the Swiss, and were also now the full loot grab. Tom Boon opened the score after fourteen minutes the first penalty corner of the Belgians to exploit. After rest doubled Maxime Plennevaux (25.) the lead of the Belgians and that 2-0 proved immediately to the end position.

The Belgians know so far a disappointing world cup with defeat against Austria (7-2), and Russia (4-5) and a draw against Iran (3-3).

The first four countries of each group punches through to the quarter finals Friday night. The semifinals are Saturday has been programmed, the final Sunday. The last two countries in the two groups play in the last klassementswedstrijden to positions nine through twelve.

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