Arnout Hauben celebrates 175 years of Antwerp Zoo

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Long live the Zoo! In 2018, the zoo of Antwerp for 175 years. That occasion grabs reportagemaker and meesterverteller Arnout Hauben from February 20, viewers six episodes long in tow to take through the rich history of Antwerp ZOO. After his many travels for the programme is At war and The heroes of Arnout, pull Arnout, this time on an adventurous journey close to home. With man and animal in the lead role. A trip back in time: from the creation of the Zoo to the modern zoo it has become.

The Zoo speaks for generations to the imagination. Its glorious past is part of our collective memory. The earliest memories of Arnout Hauben consist of images of colorful parrots, elephants that apennootjes food, and the imposing gorilla Gust. The Zoo exudes nostalgia, and it lives of memories, but is much more than history alone. It is a meeting place for humans and animals and it plays an important role in scientific research and nature conservation in the netherlands and abroad.

“It is more than about animals, the story of the Zoo is about people. Stronger even, the Zoo holds us up a mirror. It makes us think about ourselves. About our behavior and our way of living together.”
Dries Herpoelaert, general director of the Antwerp ZOO:

“I am a proud director and I’m very grateful that we are all 175 candles can blow up for the anniversary of Antwerp ZOO. How do you celebrate your so’s birthday appropriate? A new tv series and our impressive musicalspektakel ZOO or Life bite the spits. The tv series gives the viewer a unique look at our yet unknown heritage and our rich history with many colourful characters. Enjoy the ZOO like you have never experienced it.”

In the summer and autumn of 2017 was Arnout six months to a guest in the ZOO of Antwerp. He lived there among the animals and the keepers, between the visitors and the researchers. With each story that he heard, unfolded before him a piece of the rich history of the Zoo. With his characteristic curiosity and a nose for compelling stories, he manages to effortlessly bridge the gap between the present and the past.

Long live the Zoo!, from Tuesday 20 February every week to 20: 35 hours on One.

How it used to be
175 years, the Zoo is impressive enough for a comprehensive review. Six episodes long, gives viewers an insight into how the zoo in 175 years has changed from a private members ‘ club for the Antwerp bourgeoisie to a widely accessible family – and a meeting place. The many stories that together make up the history of the Zoo forms, are often in the light of great events in the history of the past centuries.

Arnout goes in search of the very first animals that arrived in the Antwerp Zoo. He explains and illustrates how the elephants from the Brussels zoo Antwerp, go for a walk.

The viewers learn Jefke ‘the negro’ citizens, which, together with the first collection of tropical birds from the colonies was transferred. They hear about the tiger that escaped, and that Antwerp is in a temporary hell changed about the bommenregen at Antwerp ZOO during the Second world War.

That history is brought to life on the basis of photo – and film archives, newspapers and reference books.

Of the directors to elephant Kai-Mook
As always, let Arnout past and present masterfully in each flow. The stories teach us something about the past, about our country, and also, ultimately, about ourselves.

Each episode is about a historical figure who was important in the history of the zoo. He or she is the historical thread running through the episode, and stands as a symbol for a certain period in the history of the Zoo.

“A number of impressive directors of the ZOO to get a tribute, but also the remarkable sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti, who spent many years in the Zoo district, Brother Hutsebaut that a lot of animals brought back from his missions in the Congo and Doctor Agatha Gijzen, that the sciences in the Zoo introduced. And in the last episode is a well-known elephant central, Kai-Mook.”

Episode 1 (20/02): Director/Dierenopzetter Jacques Kets – The early years
Arnout tells the story of Jacques Kets, in 1843, the first director of the Zoo. Kets open in the Zoo, a museum where especially stuffed animals. But all the rushes he gets also live animals to Antwerp. The first chimpanzee, Susanna, comes with the boat from the Congo. Jacqueline from Burma, the Zoo, and not much later her first elephant.

Episode 2 (27/02): Director/Dierenhandelaar Jacques Vekemans – The olifantenfluisteraar

Episode 3 (06/03): Artist Rembrandt Bugatti – On beauty and sadness

Episode 4 (13/03): Brother Joseph Hutsebaut – the discovery of The okapi

Episode 5 (20/03): Dr. Agatha Gijzen – All for the animals

Episode 6 (27/03): Kai-Mook – The Zoo of Tomorrow

The Zoo today
The reason for all the large and small historical stories will find Arnout each time in the here and now of the Zoo. So he is surprised about the fact that the gorillas are suddenly allowed to couples after they have moved into a new, bigger, stay, he follows the training of the elephant, who must soon move, and he hopes together with the vet that the sick camel back quickly healthy. Arnouts boyish imagination draws the viewer into the daily life of the Zoo, where always something happens.

The behavior of animals speaks enormously to the imagination. Along with the visitors looking Arnout to the animals, in all its details and in all the beauty. The images show how diverse and colourful the animals and the public.

True storyteller who seamlessly present to past links
The public knows presenter Arnout Hauben of the historically-inspired human-interest series For the War I & II and Under the Flemish Fields. In this widely acclaimed programs he brought the history of the First and Second world War to the attention of a wide audience. This was followed by the adventurous reisreeks The Heroes of Arnout, where he weekly the an illustrious Belgian adventurer chasing travels.

In all its programmes Arnout on step with a wealth of historical material in his backpack, and keys to the present. His empathy leads each to surprising stories. Stories that are triggered by the history, but that will tell you everything about the world of now.

The book with the tv-series: long Live the worthy zoology professors!
This time, also, writes Arnout Hauben, a book containing the stories from the tv series deepened and enriched. It appears on 20 February by Publisher Policy. To Live the worthy zoology professors! works Arnout together with reporter Lander Deweer.

Long live the Zoo!, from Tuesday 20 February every week to 20: 35 hours on One.

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